Stockholm District Court sentences one person to life imprisonment for terrorist offenses related to the events at Drottninggatan


On Friday the 7th of April 2017, just before three o’clock in the afternoon, the defendant stole a truck and drove it down a busy pedestrian street in Stockholm (Drottninggatan). During his drive he killed five people and injured another ten. A large number of people were also exposed to great physical danger. The drive on Drottninggatan took about 40 seconds and ended by the truck crashing into a department store (Åhléns). The accused also tried to detonate a homemade bomb in the truck, something which essentially failed. The accused then fled the scene, but was later captured. 

The Court has found the defendant guilty of terrorist offense, by murder in five cases and by destruction causing public endangerment. He has also been found guilty of 119 cases of attempted murder, which have been labelled as attempted terrorist offense. Finally he has been found guilty of 24 cases of causing danger to another person.  

The penalty has been set to life imprisonment. The Court has also decided to deport the accused from Sweden for life. 

The Court has also examined a large number of claims for damages. Victims of attempted murder, or the crime causing danger to another person, have been awarded damages for the infringement of their integrity. Surviving relatives of those who have been murdered have been awarded damages for personal injuries. The amounts have mainly been determined in accordance with court practice, but have in some cases been set above the standardized sums that exist in Swedish tort law.

Judges in this trial have been Senior Judge Mr. Ragnar Palmkvist and Judge Mr. Carl Rosenmüller, along with three Lay Judges.


Requests for documents etc.

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-      Ms. Boel Hilding Berggren, phone no. 08-561 652 51

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