New English-language website for Sweden’s Supreme Administrative Court


“The Supreme Administrative Court plays a central role in the rule of law in Swedish society. We guide the application of law within the area of administrative law by creating precedents in areas such as social insurance, taxation and public procurement. Many of our rulings have an international connection, particularly to European law,” says President of the Supreme Administrative Court, Justice Helena Jäderblom.

The Court has translated and published two judgments concerning European Union law, regarding value added taxation and coupon tax. You will also find information regarding the Court’s role, operations, organization, history and about the 16 justices.

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For additional information, please contactMaria Erlandsson, Public Relations Officer, Supreme Administrative Court, Phone +46 8 561 676 00, email maria.u.erlandsson@dom.seAbout the Supreme Administrative CourtThe Supreme Administrative Court hears appeals in administrative law cases. The most important function of the Court is to create precedents through its rulings.

You will find the website at:

Supreme Administrative Court