Verdict of acquittal in the Telia court case


The charges concern alleged bribery during 2007–2010 due to the agreements and transactions with an Uzbek local partner who followed on TeliaSonera's establishment in Uzbekistan. In the court case, claim of forfeiture of USD 208,500,000 has also been directed against Telia Company AB.

The main hearing has been held during 42 days in the second half of 2018. Extensive investigation has been presented.

The transactions with the Uzbek partner that the prosecutor has presented as to contracts and related payments to accounts mainly of the company Takilant Ltd, a company the district court have found having links to the former Uzbek president Islam Karimov's daughter, Gulnara Karimova, has objectively been considered to have occurred.

However, the district court has found that the indictment in other parts lacked clarity and that there are gaps in the investigation.

Presiding judge Tomas Zander says in a comment: – In order for criminal liability for bribery to become applicable at all, it is required that the recipient of alleged bribes is included in the limited circle of persons who, according to the applicable law, could be held liable for taking of bribes. It has not been proven in the case that Gulnara Karimova held any such position with connection to the telecom sector, which has been the prosecutor's main alternative.

The prosecutor's alternative allegations have also not been successful.

The district court has therefore acquitted the defendants from all charges and dismissed the claim of forfeiture.

Judges in the cases have been Tomas Zander (presiding judge) and Anna Liljenberg Gullesjö and four lay judges. The verdict has been unanimous.

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