The trial in the case regarding suspected assault in Stockholm on 30 June, 2019, will start on the 30 July, 2019


The main hearing will begin on Tuesday the 30 July, 2019. The hearing is scheduled for three days on July 30, August 1, and August 2, 2019, from 9.30 am.

Day 1, 30 July, Submissions and interrogations of the victim and the accused.Day 2, 1 August, Interrogations of the accused and witnesses.Day 3, 2 August, If necessary further interrogations and closing arguments.

There will be a limited number of seats in the courtroom. The seats in the courtroom are primarily intended for media. Press credentials are required. Pre-registration is done by e-mail to law clerk Sebastian Berglind, or tel +46 8 561 65 107.

For the public there will be seats in room 27 with image and sound transmission from the courtroom. No pre-registration is possible to these seats.

Security check

Security check will be conducted at the entrance. In the control, all visitors must go through a safety bow. Bags and other objects are run through an X-ray machine. The control will take less time the fewer items you bring. If possible, avoid bringing larger bags. As many visitors will arrive at the same time to the court, a queue can occur at the security checkpoint. It is therefore important to arrive well in advance. Journalists are not exempted from the security check.

Conditions in the courtroom

It is forbidden to photograph or film the inside, or into, the courtroom or an adjacent room. It is also forbidden to have electronic equipment such as mobile phones, tablets or smart watches turned on in the courtroom or adjacent room.

A decision on the media’s permission to make audio recordings during the trial will be made by the presiding judge on Monday, July 29, 2019

Requests for documents in court files are directed to or to court officers Mikaela Andersson, tel.+46 8 561 65 174, and Michaela Stathin, tel.+46 8 561 65 102.

For general questions about the Swedish Courts or the Swedish judicial system please see the court’s webpage. Questions can also be directed to judges of the media group at the Swedish Courts.


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