Press conference regarding the judgment in the case concerning an internationally known artist


The judgment

When the judgment is issued it will be available at the court in both paper copy and electronic form. Those who wish to pre-order a copy of the judgment can send their request to

The judgment will only be available in Swedish. At the same time as the judgment is issued the court will issue a press release containing a short summary of the judgment. This press release will be available in both Swedish and English.

Press conference

The court will hold a press conference at 14.15 on 14 August 2019 in courtroom 34 at Stockholm District Court, Rådhuset, Scheelegatan 7, Stockholm.

At the press conference the presiding judge, Senior Judge Per Lennerbrant, will participate. He will first hold a short presentation of the content of the judgment in Swedish. After that the journalists who are present will have the opportunity to ask questions. An English translator will be present to assist if necessary. After the question-and-answer session Per Lennerbrant will be available for individual interviews until 16.00. He will thereafter be available per telephone (tel. + 46 8 561 65 229) until 17.00.

Staff from the court will be present in the courtroom from 13.30 to assist the attending journalists. Paper copies of the judgment will be available at the court’s reception and in the court room from 14.00.

The press conference is only for journalists and therefore press credentials are required.

To attend the press conference pre-registration is required. Pre-registration must be done at the latest on 12 August 2019 at 12.00, by e-mail to law clerk Viktor Alenius,, or tel. +46 8 561 651 04. When pre-registering it should be specified whether the registration concerns a writing journalist and/or a photographer with camera equipment. Photographing and filming during the press conference is permitted.

Journalists who wish to conduct an individual interview with Per Lennerbrant must also pre-register, in the same way as described above.

When the time for pre-registration has ended the court will notify the journalists who have registered whether they have received a place at the press conference or not, and whether they have received a time for an individual interview. The number of seats at the press conference and the time for individual interviews is limited and the court will, if necessary, distribute these in the way it sees fit.

Presence of parties and counsel

The parties do not need to be present at the court to receive the judgment but can choose to come to the court. The parties will not be present at the court’s press conference. Any questions regarding comments from the parties should be directed to the parties concerned, suitably through the prosecutor’s office or the parties’ legal counsels.

Requests for documents in court files are directed to Questions regarding the case should be directed to court officer Michaela Stathin, tel.+46 8 561 65 102, or junior judge Åsa Linghede, tel. + 46 8 561 65 258.

For general questions about the Swedish Courts or the Swedish judicial system please see the court’s webpage. Questions can also be directed to judges of the media group at the Swedish Courts.

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