LegalTech+Design @The District Court of Helsingborg 6–8 March 2019


LegalTech+Design @The District Court of Helsingborg is a conference inspired by Stanford University’s Legal Design Lab, bringing together key stakeholders such as the Swedish Enforcement Authority, the Swedish Prosecution Authority, the Swedish Police, members of the Swedish Bar Association, the City of Helsingborg, the Swedish Agency for Participation and the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, to explore the challenges faced by the justice system and the opportunities of new technology.

“Having worked with small scale digitization projects at the court for a few years now, we see a need to involve other parties when we continue our journey towards a modernised, digital justice system”, says Ylva Norling Jönsson, Chief District Judge.

The Court has involved Jukka Heino, digital strategist from the City of Helsingborg, Charlotta Kronblad, lawyer and researcher on the effects of digitalization on the legal industry at Chalmers University and Lena Nilsson, head of the IT-department at the Swedish National Courts Administration in planning the conference.

For more information, please contact administrative director Andrea Lindblom, +46733400608

The steering committee behind LegalTech+Design @The District Court of Helsingborg. Lena Nilsson, Fredrik Lassen, Andrea Lindblom, Jukka Heino, Ylva Norling Jönsson, Gentijana Dobraj and Charlotta Kronblad.

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